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About Promise to Perform Industries, Inc.

Promise to Perform Industries, Inc. acquired substantially all the assets of Transol Corporation on October 29, 2021. The acquisition includes all of Transol Corporation's subsidiaries, including Spanco, Inc., Rigid Lifelines, Inc., and Lug-All Corporation—leading American manufacturers of overhead material handling systems, fall protection systems, and manual cable and web strap come along ratchet winch hoists, respectively.


The acquisition was a management buyout, which will ensure maximum continuity to customers, employees, and vendors. The three shareholder managers, Jeff Brazwell, Arnie Galpin, and Shawn Trexler, have over 78 years of combined industry experience, 34 of which were at Spanco, Rigid Lifelines, and Lug-All.


“Spanco, Rigid Lifelines, and Lug-All are venerable companies with long traditions of quality and performance,” said Jeff Brazwell, President and CEO of Promise to Perform Industries, Inc. “We look forward to building on that success through a dedication to the fundamentals of what made these companies great.”


The management buyout of Transol Corporation by Promise to Perform Industries, Inc. enhances the companies’ position in the overhead material handling, fall protection, and manual cable and web strap come along ratchet winch hoist markets by leveraging the direct knowledge and experience the new owners obtained in their previous roles, and using this knowledge to guide the companies into a new and exciting chapter. 

Our Locations


Morgantown, PA


Las Vegas, NV

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Birdsboro, PA

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The Secret to Our Success

Our People – The approximate 150 employees in our three manufacturing plants, along with sales reps scattered throughout the country, are the key to our success.


A number of our employees have spent over 30 years working for Spanco or Lug-All and all are truly dedicated to producing the best quality products and providing industry-leading customer service. We strive to be the kind of Company that good people want to work for and a Company that we ourselves would want to buy from, if we were a distributor or an end user.


We are proud of our extensive and loyal dealer network, and at Promise to Perform Industries, Inc. we believe our dealers are an integral part of our team and our mutual success. We all work hard every day to make good on our promise to perform!

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